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Slimming struggle

Slimming struggle

10/09/2017 Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why there are few people who eat everything like ice cream, junk food, cakes but still they don’t gain weight? And on the other hand, there are people who eat little yet they still seem to gain weight??

The only thing that matters is how much calories you consume, how many of them remain stored in your body and how much you actually burn by doing exercise, yoga or gym. Furthermore, it is also influenced by a combination of other factors like genes and your environment.

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The calorie reckoning

Your calorie equation depends upon your genetic factors and physical movement. If you persistently burn all of your calories that are you consuming in a day, you will surely be able to maintain your weight and health. But if your intake of calories is more and you are not burning them persistently then there is a possibility of gaining more weight because the excess of calories is stored in your body in the form of fats.

To avoid getting fat, all you need to do is consume fewer calories and burn them by doing physical exercises; you can surely get rid of your fat stores. And the best thing is that when you do exercise, gym, yoga etc. the fat cells shrink.

Genetic impacts

Our genes play a major role in obesity by various ways like through our appetite, metabolism, body-fat distribution etc.

If you have most or all of the following attributes, then genes are definitely playing a major role.

•    If you have been weighty for much of your life.

•    If both or one of your parents is obese, then you are too prone to this risk.

•    If you can’t lose weight even after doing exercises and cutting down the high-calorie food.

Environmental impacts

Where genetics internally influence our body, on the other hand, environmental factors contribute externally. Environmental factors are associated with everything that attracts us either to eat in excess or in very little amount. It comes into play, the time we are not even born. Studies have shown that the mothers who smoke during their pregnancy give birth to overweight babies. Even the diabetic mothers tend to deliver overweight babies.

Exercise equation

Our daily lives don’t offer much of the physical activities. All we do is sit and work which is restricting the physical movement of the body. Use of host of applications in the household applications like vacuum cleaners etc. has made us lazier. Therefore, it is high time that we add a bit of exercise and yoga to our lives to stay fit and healthy.

But if you repeatedly try to lose weight and fail, you must stop struggling and consult one of the experts to resolve the issue.