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Stimulate Your Immunity By Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Stimulate Your Immunity By Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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There is a silent network system which is working continuously to keep people healthy- the lymph system. Barring it, our body cells would be a stagnant pile of fluids causing us to swell up like balloons. The lymph system’s impact has far reaching effects so much so that most of our ailments like minor aches, low immunity to colds and flu may be the result of a damped and compromised lymph and immune system. So is lymphatic drainage massage something that is related to the lymph system, you ask? Well, that’s what this review is for, to help you understand all about lymph drainage massage.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a great technique to help increase the lymph flow in our body. The increase of lymph flow stimulates the immunity of the body so that the immune function is increased. Harmful and undesirable substances are discarded from the tissues and henceforth, neutralized in the nodes. The increase in immunity function is caused due to an increased production of lymphocytes which was actually caused by the increased lymph flow.

The action of the massage

Massage therapists can hence, enhance the health of their clients through this technique. Clients who are either suffering from a lack of energy, or a slow immune system have been true beneficiaries of this technique. Lymphatic drainage massage is also useful when clients have sports injuries. After the initial inflammatory stage has finished, Sports or Neuromuscular massage is done followed by lymphatic work. This helps clear the debris and helps to reduce minor oedema that may occur after the deep massage. Regular applications of lymphatic drainage can thus help to enhance the tissue regeneration process by keeping the tissue as healthy as possible.

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Lymph drainage massage has also been used for years to enhance the quality of the skin, especially on the face. When the lymph flows, the cells are being refreshed from the fresh fluid, causing the skin to glow. Lymphatic drainage massage also helps with women who have had breast cancer and had some axillary lymph nodes removed.

Generally, lymphatic drainage massage is safe. With such a light touch technique, the danger of causing tissue damage is slim. However, there are a few conditions which may happen when an increase of lymph flow actually becomes detrimental. Acute inflammation, Malignant tumors, Thrombosis and major heart problems are all some rare but otherwise detrimental reactions or side effects to lymphatic drainage massage. Therefore, clearance from a doctor before going for the massage is a better decision. Overall, lymphatic drainage massage is a great technique to stay healthy and keep your body healthy too.

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