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Tips for Postpartum Weight Loss

Tips for Postpartum Weight Loss

03/05/2020 Weight Loss

There’s no denying that a woman’s body changes after giving birth. For many, losing weight post pregnancy can be a great struggle. Taking care of a newborn and recovering from childbirth while attempting to achieve a healthy weight can take a toll on health. Studies show that majority women tend to hold on to an average of 1-2.5 kgs postpartum, while 15-20% women hold on to 5 kgs or more.

Postpartum weight loss is a mix of healthy diet, an active lifestyle and continuous breastfeeding. Here are some effective tips to help moms come out of postpartum looking fitter, leaner and stronger.

Follow a healthy diet

Post pregnancy weight retention is a major contributor to obesity. Holding on to pregnancy weight can increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes in the long run. However, following fad diets or skipping meals should not be a way for weight loss, as it can impact the postpartum recovery process.

Nutritional adequacy is vital for nourishing the body while achieving a healthy weight. This can be done by adding foods from all the five groups — fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. Distributing energy intake into four to five small meals a day also has a favorable impacts on health.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is essential for anyone trying to lose weight. But it is especially important during lactation as it helps to keep the energy levels up and curb unwanted binging. Aiming to drink 1-2 litres of water is a good start for weight loss, though women who exercise may need to increase their water intake.

Have an active lifestyle

An active lifestyle is important for sustainable weight loss. A moderate-intensity session for 20-40 minutes each day, and four days a week, can help you stay fit. Exercise does not always have to be complex and rigorous. Something as simple as brisk walking or jogging may suffice. 

Manage sleep and stress

Several studies have shown that sleep deprivation is directly associated with weight retention after pregnancy. It is important for new mothers to get enough sleep as poor sleeping patterns and excessive stress can hamper eating habits as well as the overall physical and mental health.

Get in shape with FCBS Dubai

We, at FCBS Dubai, understand that while weight loss is essential after childbirth for many health-related reasons, it is something one should achieve in a healthy way. Our programs aim to help women achieve the best shape they can, and our professionals are well trained and experienced in weight loss services. We use clinically approved fat trimming gels, which are penetrated into the skin layers with the help of high conductivity rays. The gel works to break down the fat cells in the abdomen and hip areas, in turn toning and firming the body. Our pregnancy weight loss services are popular for being safe and providing consistent results.

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