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Tips to make losing weight easier

Tips to make losing weight easier

26/11/2018 Weight Loss

Losing weight seems like a daunting task doesn’t it?

While there are many benefits to losing weight, a quick bite of a chocolate cake can make you forget all of them. To stay on track you need will motivation and strategy. But what if you can make your journey easier?

Losing weight won’t seem like a daunting task. With some changes here and some changes there, you’ll be able to make your weight loss journey enjoyable and free from any stress.

The end result? You’ll lose fat faster and reach your goal quickly. Not only that, you’ll also be able to ensure that you don’t gain weight again. Many people make that mistake and that’s more stressful than losing weight.

So without further ado, let’s begin:

Don’t buy the wrong things

Imagine yourself peeking inside the fridge in the mid-night for a quick snack. You’re hungry and you don’t want to prepare anything.

You see a piece of cake, some leftover pizza and some salad. What will you choose?

Most of the people will prefer the first two options in those conditions. And you know both of them are harmful for your weight loss plan. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you shouldn’t buy them in the first place.

Stopping yourself from buying fast food outside is easier in comparison to eating them at home. Edit your grocery list and cross-off any junk food present there.

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Instead, start buying veggies and fruits. Don’t buy ‘healthy snacks’ like low-carb biscuits, they’ll do you no good. You’ll feel prouder of yourself when you’ll make this change.

When your home will be free from any triggering food, you’ll eat less of it automatically.

Eat homemade foods

We said you shouldn’t buy junk food but what if you’re hungry at work?

Have homemade dishes ready. Look up some delicious healthy recipes and prepare those meals at home. You’ll avoid any kind of harmful triggers without putting in much effort.

When you’ll know that you have a prepared meal at home, you’ll get over any temptation too.

And you can’t control what’s made outside but you can control things at your home. You’ll be using healthier ingredients with tastier results.

If you’re not a fan of cooking, this practice will make you one.

Eat in smaller ware

Research shows that the size of people’s plates has a large impact on their appetite. If you will reduce the size of your plate (or bowl) you will eat less. Eating in a smaller plate will definitely help you.

It has been proven in a study that people eat 30% more food when they get a larger portion size. So you need to change your plates and replace them with smaller ones.

Start using a smaller plate or bowl and you will soon become habitual with the same.

Keep triggers away

We told you not to buy any junk food but what if you have to? Maybe because of a guest or your roommate?

In that case, it will be best to store the junk food away from your eyesight. You know you don’t want to eat it now but when the temptation will kick in, the junk food won’t be in your sight.

This will help you in staying calm and sticking to your goal.

Place the junk food away like in the corners of shelves or cabinets. Keep them as far as possible and in places that are difficult to reach.

Similarly, keep healthy foods at front. Place the fruits’ bowl on your dining table.

Whenever you will feel hungry, you can just grab one of them and get rid of the urge. And when you’ll remain full most of the time, you won’t feel the temptation to eat any junk food.

Organize your life

Organizing your life can help you in preventing any distractions from taking place. It will also help you in leading a more productive and active lifestyle.

You should start with organizing your kitchen. A clutter-free kitchen will ensure you don’t feel the temptation to order food or grab an unhealthy snack.

On the other hand, with a dirty kitchen, you might easily feel lazy and get a takeout. Keeping your kitchen will only take a few minutes too.

Another thing you should do is to eat at the designated place only. Eating mindfully is important when you are trying to lose weight.

Have a back-up plan

You should have a back-up plan for the times when things go wrong. Keep some extra snacks with you whenever you go out.

At a party, keep your hands occupied with a napkin and a drink to make sure you don’t reach for anything else. And if your friends invite you to a treat, eat something healthy beforehand.


It is true that you can’t control everything. But you can ensure that you don’t make any mistakes yourself.

By these small changes, you will make your weight loss journey easier. You’ll also be able to maintain your healthy weight for a long time. If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

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