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Want to lose weight? Stop dieting and do this instead

Want to lose weight? Stop dieting and do this instead

14/06/2019 Weight Loss

You’ve been running on the treadmill daily for the past 3 months and following a diet, but you don’t see the results you desired.

Or you’ve been on a diet for a month and there hasn’t been any progress.

What happens? What hinders your progress?

The answer is dieting.

A few years back, dieting was claimed to be the best way to lose weight. But now it isn’t so.

Why dieting doesn’t always work

Diets don’t always work and the logic is simple:

They drain your willpower.

Research proves that humans have limited willpower. So no matter how hard you work, you’ll reach a point where your willpower level reaches zero and you give up.

It’s common and everyone has a certain limit.

When you’re following a diet, you’re eating things you don’t like such as salad for lunch, soup for dinner, etc.

You stay hungry for long, you exercise regularly and you do all this in the hope that you’ll lose weight.

And you do, but after following such a strict regime for some time, say a month, you reach a point where you give up and celebrate a ‘cheat day’.

Either that happens or when you lose some weight, you give up and start eating the stuff which made you gain weight in the first place.

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What to do instead of dieting

Dieting isn’t good for the long run.

So, instead of relying on a diet, you should focus on eating and doing what you like.

What do we mean by that? These points will help:

•    Eat healthy foods which you enjoy

•    Find exercises that you like doing and start doing those

•    Avoid eating foods and doing exercises you hate

There must be a whole bunch of foods you like eating that are nutritious. You should start eating them and ditch those you don’t like.

This way you won’t drain your willpower and still make progress.

Can you eat anything while losing weight?

Technically, you can eat anything. It all depends on moderation.

Excess of anything is harmful. For example, if you like eating cookies, eating one or two is okay but if you eat a whole pack of cookies then that’s bad.

Keep things in moderation and you’ll do fine.

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Losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be painful. You can enjoy the process and get the same results.

The best thing about this method is you can keep losing weight and burn fat all the time. You wouldn’t have to worry about your weight.

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