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What to eat to lose weight fast

What to eat to lose weight fast

29/11/2018 Weight Loss

You can do as many sessions of HIIT workout as you want but if you’re not eating right, you won’t see the results.

The amount of calories and the nutrients you consume play a major role in determining your fitness level. Following is not a difficult task. You must have seen different kinds of diets present in the market.

Some tell you to stop eating your favorite dishes while some say you shouldn’t eat for 8 hours. But they are impractical.

Losing weight and living healthy is not a one-day job. It takes commitment. You will have to follow the diet for a lot of time (as long as you want to remain healthy) and so, your diet should be easy.

It should be according to your preferences. And eating right doesn’t have to difficult. It’s only about providing your body with the right nutrients. You’ll need to make some changes here and there but you’ll see that those changes yield great results.

You should remember that you won’t be able to eat everything you want (pizzas, sweet drinks, cookies, etc.) and you’ll have to make some compromises. But it won’t be that difficult as it seems. Soon you’ll develop the habit of living healthy and so, you’ll lose weight fast.

How to eat healthy:

Drink lots of water

Maybe your mom used to prevent you from drinking two or three glasses of water before dinner. But did you know it helps to drink two or three glasses of water before a meal in weight loss?

Many people believe that filling your stomach with water is harmful while the reality is the opposite. You’ll eat less food and feel fuller for longer durations when you’ll drink plenty of water. When you’ll be fuller for longer times, you will automatically consume fewer calories.

According to the Institute of Medicine, an average woman should drink 9 cups. And if you exercise, add 2 to 3 cups to the number.

“Your body is 60 percent water. Your body needs water for many vital purposes and the notion of drinking eight glasses a day isn’t based on true research,” says Dr. Daniel Murrell.

You don’t have to drink tasteless water for this purpose. You can try adding citrus peels or drink caffeine-free tea. The goal is to drink substantial amounts of water. It will help you mitigate unnecessary hunger.

Choose whole foods over refined and packaged foods

Whole foods have more nutrients than processed and packaged foods. Processed and packaged food loses most of its nutrients in the process and that’s why it is much better to eat whole foods. The list of processed foods includes packaged meals and sauces too.

Moreover, the packaged foods you see in market carry more calories, sodium and other minerals which you don’t need to lose weight.

You will obviously have to start avoiding calorie dense foods and sweets. Instead you will need to start eating vegetables, foods with healthy fats and proteins (e.g. extra-virgin olive oil, avocados, eggs, chicken), fruits, whole grains (such as barley and oatmeal), and raw nuts.

They contain fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer durations. You will feel hungry less often without compromising with your nutrient intake. And these foods contain great combinations of water and fiber which helps in this purpose.

Eat more vegetables

100 grams of carrots carry 41.35 calories and a hamburger of the same weight carries around 300 calories. So eating vegetables will help you in losing weight without starving yourself.

You can eat large volumes of vegetables and they will have considerably less calorie count. Research also shows that people who eat foods with low energy density eat significantly less daily calories than those who eat foods with high energy density.

Eating vegetables will provide your body with vital vitamins and fiber too. This will help you in leading an overall healthier life.


While following the above points, you should remember that you’ll eat whole foods in place of the processed foods. If you’ll keep eating processed foods, you won’t see serious results. To lose weight fast, it would be better to eat fewer calories.

We hope this chapter helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.