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Whether to work out at night or in the morning? Make your choice!

Whether to work out at night or in the morning? Make your choice!

25/09/2016 Weight Loss

Finding the right fitness routine and keeping up to it can be difficult for those with a tight schedule and those who work late. Although, for some people, mornings are the perfect time to work out, there are a few who simply cannot rise out of bed due to late night work or other reasons. But, coming to the main question as to which time is the best for a workout, experts at FCBS Dubai say that there is no time as the best time.  There is no clear result that indicates working out at a particular time will help to lose weight and tone up. Experts say that the time when you feel refreshed and are ready for a workout with a positive attitude is the best time for a workout. It is well-known fact that the state of mind plays a very important role in helping the body maintain its fitness.

Let us see what the experts have to say about the workouts sessions performed during morning and evening or night.

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Morning workouts

  1. Workout in the morning often gets the metabolism going and you feel fresh after a long sleep. The energy levels are up throughout the day with great mental sharpness.
  2. Researchers say that workout in the morning provides better sleep at night.
  3. Morning workouts make you free for the day, and you can indulge in work, socializing and other activities in the rest of the day.
  4. You get a quieter gym in the morning as everyone is getting ready for the office.


Some people do not like to wake up early after a hard day at work. If you forcefully go to the gym, you won’t put up much effort into it. Besides, warming up needs more time in the morning than in the evening.

Evening workout

  1. Wake up to calmer mornings as there is no rush to hit the gym and you can relax and get ready for work in a relaxed manner.
  2. Blow off the steam from the hard day’s work. Simply sweat out the frustrations of office work at the gym, which makes you give 100% into the workout.
  3. Your body is ready to burn calories in the evening, as every muscle is woken up and flexible.
  4. You can work for a longer time if you wish as there is no workload on your mind and you are free from office work.

Draws backs

Evening workouts too come with its drawbacks as you may skip working out as there is a lot of distraction like joining friends for a party or for a drink, the club or dinner, etc. Chances are you might be too tired to work out after a whole day at work, and you do not have the energy to burn after that. Do not work out too close to bedtime as you might be deprived of sleep due to exercise.

The bottom line

Anytime you feel like working at the gym is the best time. What matter are the efforts and the consistency that you put into it. Experts from FCBS Dubai say a good healthy diet and the right attitude towards the body and mind can help you stay fit and toned.

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