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Why do you gain weight even when you’re not eating much?

Why do you gain weight even when you’re not eating much?

14/06/2019 Weight Loss

Your eating habits might not be responsible for your weight gain.

There are many other causes which can lead you to gain weight and become obese. In this article, we’ll be discussing the same.

Hormones can be responsible:

Hormones play a vital role in your body’s health and well being.

They also play a huge role in the regulation of your weight. Here are a few hormones that can cause you to gain weight:

•    Cortisol can be responsible for your weight gain too. It regulates your response to stress and studies show that it causes the storage of visceral fat, which leads to obesity.

•    Insulin is responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels in your body. If you have too much visceral fat around your internal organs, your insulin levels might get imbalanced.

This can lead to difficulty in losing weight.

•    If the levels of estrogen in your body are substantially higher than progesterone then you can gain weight and store fat around y our abdomen.

•    Leptin tells your body if you’re feeling full or not. When the levels of leptin get too high, your body develops leptin resistance.

This can cause you to overeat and gain weight considerably.

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Your Slow Metabolism:

Your body converts food into energy through metabolism. The food which doesn’t get converted into energy is stored in the form of fats for later use.

This stored fat leads to weight gain and makes you obese.

When you have a slow metabolism, your body doesn’t convert food into energy in sufficient quantities. So most of the food you eat is stored in the form of fats.

This is the main reason why some people get fat even though they don’t eat much.


Diabetes medications, corticosteroids, beta blockers, epilepsy medications, and antidepressants can lead to weight gain.

You need to lead an active lifestyle and eat healthy foods if you’re taking any one of these medicines.


The full form of PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is common among women and it happens due to the excess of insulin or some other hormones.

This condition causes excessive body hair, irregular periods, problems in getting pregnant, weight gain and problems in the working of the ovaries.


In hypothyroidism, your thyroid gland doesn’t release enough thyroid hormone. This condition slows down your metabolism, which leads to the accumulation of calories in your body.

Because of that accumulation, your weight begins to increase.

Post Pregnancy Weight:

Many women face this problem. The fat you gain after pregnancy can be considerably stubborn and it might take a little extra effort to get rid of the same.

It can make you obese as well

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How to get rid of these reasons and lose weight?

Firstly, you’ll need to identify what’s the cause of your weight gain and work on it. For that purpose, it’d be suitable for you to contact some experts.

At FCBS, you’d find a team of leading weight management experts and professionals who can help you identify the underlying cause and provide the solution for the same.

Without treating these cases, you can’t lose weight. That’s why it’s vital to find out the real reason behind your weight gain and work on it.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you found this article helpful.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you can gain weight even when you don’t eat much.

If you have any questions to ask or suggestions to give, feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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