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Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the Best Aid for Swollen Feet?

Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the Best Aid for Swollen Feet?

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The lymphatic system helps in the elimination of the body waste in humans. If you have a healthy lymphatic system, your muscle tissues will work correctly without any troubles.  These days many people suffer from an uncomfortable and weird kind of swelling in their legs and ankles. This swelling comes up from the deposition of excess fluid in our bodies and is generally known as edema. Although the exact reasons behind this swelling are not known, most of the times it can be a surgery involving the lymph nodes, or it can also be caused due to heart disease and pregnancy.

There are several techniques which can treat or at least give you relief from this painful condition. One such method is the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Also known as the Lymph Drainage Therapy, it involves gentle massage to improve the function and circulation of your lymph system. The lymphatic system is just like our circulatory system, the only difference being there is a colorless fluid flowing into the lymphatic vessels instead of blood. When this smooth circulation in the lymphatic system is restricted, it causes swelling. And several types of research have suggested that giving a massage to the lymph nodes and vessels can improve the circulation of lymph significantly. Massaging gently will help in moving the excess fluids out of the areas where they are causing swelling and maintain proper and healthy flow.

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The primary aim of this massage is to open up the vessels of the lymphatic system so that the excess fluid is again collected into the lymph nodes.

How we give a lymphatic drainage massage?
While we carry a massage, we keep in mind the fact that the lymph vessels are very near to the surface of the skin and thus we do it in a very subtle way.

1 – There’s also a proper sequence that we follow while we give a lymph drainage therapy.

2 – We always start from the neck and the torso to make sure that your feet and ankles are elevated to a little height before starting the message.

3 – Next, we massage your legs specifically the swollen area. It is essential to press the lymph nodes in a right manner to promote better lymphatic health.

This therapy takes about 5-6 sessions for it to work.

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