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Worried about weight gain? Lack of Sleep Can Be the Culprit

Worried about weight gain? Lack of Sleep Can Be the Culprit

25/09/2016 Weight Loss

Feeling sleepy during the day or feeling tired or lack enthusiasm in work or other activities? This can be due to lack of sleep. Do you notice for how long you sleep and the quality of sleep? The experts at FCBS Dubai are of the opinion that quality sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours daily can do wonders for the mind and body and help you stay in shape. Here, experts explain that when you feel tired at work, you simply grab several cups of coffee and with it a little snack like a doughnut or a sandwich quite often for a quick shot of energy. Little lifestyle activities like takeaway food, skipping the gym and unhealthy way of living can take a toll on sleep and health. Sleep deprivation may sabotage the waistline along with your health. When you feel low on energy, you simply grab the easiest snack like potato chips and comfort foods.

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Why is sleep deprivation so damaging?

If you want to slim down and are not losing weight, focus on the sleep. The experts tell you what happens when you do not have a sound sleep.

* Too little sleep may trigger too much cortisol.

* The stress hormone will then signal your body and hold back fat.

*there is a craving for sugar and comfort food throughout the night.

* There is an increased amount of hormone Ghrelin in the body that makes you feel hungry

* The body lacks leptin hormone, which makes you feel full, and so you eat double.

* During the night the metabolism is slow and thus the fat does not burn easily, which ups the fat content in the body making you gain weight.

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Sleep and weight loss solution

Experts and researchers are of the opinion that there are certain lifestyle changes that you need to go through so that you get the right amount of sleep and lose weight.

* Exercise is a must and you should workout so that the body is well worked out and will need rest.

* Avoid caffeine or alcohol and fat rich foods at night.

* Make a routine of sleep time and wake up time to help the body get into the rhythm.

* Do not wake up late as it will affect sleeping time at night.

* Get help from physicians if you are sleep deprived for a long time.


Basically, when you want to lose weight and slim down, you have first to keep your mind and body healthy and then start exercising which will help you reach your goal faster and making you feel happy as your mind and body are happy. Focus on rest, workout and feeling happy, which will help you take care of your body better. FCBS Dubai has come out with excellent solutions that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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