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EMS or Electrostimulation training for weight loss in Dubai

What if you could do 2 hours of workout in 20 minutes and get better results?

And that too, for only 2 times a week?
This is not a shortcut or a magic pill. We’re talking about the latest innovation in the fitness industry.

We’re talking about EMS aka, Electrostimulation.

What is EMS (or Electrostimulation)?

Electrostimulation (also called electro fitness) is the latest method of exercising muscles. It can activate up to 350 muscles in your body at the same time.

As a result, you get more intense and accurate workouts.

The equipment stimulates your muscles and helps you in achieving the desired results in minimum time and with minimum effort. .

What are the benefits of Electrostimulation?

  1. Weight Loss: With the combination of a balanced diet and two 20-minute workouts per week, you can achieve your weight loss goals.
  2. Better Shape: Through multiple muscle activation, EMS enables you to lose weight fast and get your body in better shape.
  3. Saving Time: Instead of spending 600 minutes in the gym (2 hours x 5 days), you’d only be spending 40 minutes per week and getting the same or even better results.
  4. Increased Productivity: EMS helps better blood flow in the body, which helps get rid of tiredness and fatigue, keeping you productive throughout the week.
  5. Prevents Injuries:You don’t use additional load with EMS training so you don’t get injured as well.
  6. More Intensity: More muscle activation leads to more intensity in workouts. This way you get better results in less time.

Where is it Used?

  1. Weight Management: The most popular application of EMS technology is in weight management. It can help you lose weight fast with less effort.
  2. Aesthetics: Through proper weight loss, you can get your body in your desired shape. Improved cardiovascular health and circulation also enhances your appearance. .
  3. Sports : Sports athletes face no risk of injury while exercising with EMS. You can also use EMS training for injury rehabilitation.

Who’s it for?

It is great for anyone who:

EMS workout is an enhanced form of training. It has fewer chances of getting you injured and it helps you get better results in less time.

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3 hours of regular workout = 20 minutes of EMS workout

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