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Geriatric rehabilitation Dubai

Geriatric physical therapy focus the patients those who are in older age and may have a multiple problems in physical, cognitive and functional. Family members best approach to care their loved ones by providing rehabilitation program. Family and home nursing and physical therapy empower the older ones to live as independently as possible in this environment. We approach the goal for them to function a highest possible level.

Common symptoms/health problems in elderly

Rheumatoid arthritis
Pain in joints
Restriction of movement

Inflammatory conditions
Degeneration of joints
Metabolic disorders

Orthopedic diseases

Fracture of neck of femur is a common condition in elderly.
Surgical neck of humerus injuries
Complications arise after the joint replacement surgery. Rehabilitation helps to restore the function and fitness of the joint to encourage               independent life and also to improve the elder health and prevent the disability.
Conditions such as hallux valgus, hallux rigidus and hammer toe deformities also lead the disability.
Soft tissue injuries like bursitis, capsulitis and tendinitis
All kinds of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetic neuropathy.


FCBS physiotherapist specialize with experience handling and treating the patients with Psychomotor Regression Syndrome, we can arrange the home visits to work on change of position to each safe in all the positions sitting, standing, lie down, walking and also teach the exercise to improve the movement and promote the strength to work on gait pattern and postural rehabilitation, chest physiotherapy to avoid complications in lungs.


Regular and disciplined exercise protocol advised by the physiotherapist helps in faster prognosis.