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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common problem today citing our lifestyle and working conditions. The simplest way is to follow the right anti hair loss treatment that ...

Anti Dandruff Purity

Dandruff is a common hair issue faced by most of us. It is caused because of the dryness of the scalp and can lead to severe hair loss over time...

Damaged Hair Treatment

Treating damaged hair early is a must. The first step to this is - understanding when the damage is early and how has to be treated ...

Dry Hair Treatment

Having healthy, shiny and strong hair is every woman’s dream. However, not every woman has the best conditions for her hair. Pollution, over ...

Treatment for Weak Hair

Weak hair can be quite frustrating at times. It would leave you having split ends and also result in heavy hair fall as your hair would break easily ...

How we serve our clients

Dealing with too much stress in life? Well, we do not blame you! Our work schedules, financial commitments and personal engagements are bound to leave us struggling for time. We almost never have the time to take proper care of ourselves. How does all this affect us? Our health and more significantly our hair! Yes, statistics show that apart from hereditary factors, stress is the single most reason leading to hair loss for men and women. It would be a good idea to look at different methods to help you bring down the amount of hair you lose daily. Technology is leading the race with every remedy today and there are many anti hair loss treatments available today.

Understanding the right care that has to be taken too is a tedious task. We would suggest you to leave it to the experts – FCBS slimming and beauty clinic! We are a spa and salon based in Dubai that provides beauty services for men and women. We have an expert team of trained professionals that would be able to give you insight to anti hair loss procedures. Not just that, we follow a string of techniques that are state of the art in terms of hair treatment.

Using Keratin is a fantastic way to boost hair growth. Remember that Keratin is a natural protein present in your nails as well as your hair. Because of our daily routines, diet and lifestyle, keratin breaks down and thus our hair weakens. Using products that are high in keratin value can help you keep them stronger. This is one of the most popular anti hair loss treatments doing the rounds mainly because it is a 100% safe and tested procedure.

While these services are present in many spa and salons in Dubai, you may not get guidance from the most skilled and professional beauty experts. At FCBS, we provide just that – expert guidance. We have a team of skilled experts in Dubai who know the right techniques to ensure proper and healthy hair growth. They would suggest the right care tips so your hair remains stronger than ever after treatment. Not just that, we even give you remedies and plans to follow so that your hair remains long and strong. While our clinic follows the latest technology in all our treatments, we also ensure we offer the most affordable packages for you.

Having such treatment is a must today when you take our busy lifestyles into consideration. We hardly have the time to take care of our skin, hair and health. Taking regular treatment of this kind is one way to ensure we are on the healthy and right path. We do not believe in diets and straining procedures that would drain your energy, we believe in simple, fruitful methods that are result oriented. You can now say bye to frizzy and less hair! With our latest treatment, your search for amazing hair is just an appointment away. Give us a call to know more about our services and how we can help you regain amazing hair & loads of confidence!