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LPG Lipomassage & Body Contouring

LPG Lipomassage Services

Yes, we all wish we could have that flat tummy without a lot of work out! And guess what, it is finally here. With the help of technology and different massage techniques it is finally possible to lose that bulging belly and fat deposits around your belly! At FCBS, we do not believe in crash diets and tiring exercises for you to lose that weight. We suggest quicker result oriented methods that will have long lasting impact on your body. LPG lipomassage is one such treatment that gives quick results without any form of surgery. It is a body contouring tool aimed at weight loss. It removes fat deposits, aids lymphatic circulations and helps in tightening skin.

Advantages of LPG Lipomassage

The biggest advantage of LPG lipomassage is that it improves lymphatic circulation by more than 400% in just a single sitting. This treatment is a great way to get rid of water weight and also improve the quality of sleep. You tend to have better sleep when you are refreshed and relaxed. This is another reason why it is massively famous amongst men and women.

Cellulite massage is another type of massage that treats your skin of cellulite and dead skin. A scrub is applied to your body and is gently massaged off you to ensure that the cellulite is removed. Cellulite massage is an anti ageing method too that is followed by many people around the world. Both these procedures have to be done with extreme caution and under the guidance of trained experts. We ensure that you are constantly aware of the procedures and the techniques used by us. You could give us a call to book an appointment with our experts to know more about our extensive methods. We would be more than glad to answer your queries and guide you to better living. Click Here to book the TRIAL Session to know more about service & treatments.

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