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Neurological rehabilitation Dubai

About the treatment

As the name suggests, Neurological Rehabilitation is about conditions associated with the nervous system.

Symptoms and Disorders

Symptoms may include muscle weakness, loss of power/strength, and difficulty in maintaining a posture, pain or inflammation. Disorders which can be included are vascular disorders like Ischaemic stroke, Haemorrhagic stroke, Haematoma, Infections such as meningitis, trauma to brain or spinal cord, belly palsy, cervical spondylosis and Carpal tunnel syndrome, Gullian barre syndrome, functional disorders like headache, neuralgia, degenerative disorders like Parkinsonism disease ,multiple sclerosis and alzhemiers disease.


Pain management using electrotherapy machines and manual techniques like soft tissue mobilization.
Activities to improve mobility.
Exercise programs to improve movement and prevent weakness.
Stress, anxiety and depression management.
Assistance and suggestion of alternatives for activities of daily living (ADL).
Speech therapy to help patients with speaking and writing.
Activities to improve cognitive impairments.
Safety and independence measures and home care needs.

Recovery time

Prognosis varies from condition to condition. Usually it takes 30 to 45 days for recovery with 3 times per week session.