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Back Pain

It is probably the most common of pain points of our generation. Because of our extensive work styles and sitting conditions…


Knee Pain

Knee pain is quite common foe people that are part of a regular sport or those that are overweight…


Neck Pain

Worried about that niggle on the back of your neck. Worry not as it is a common pain point for most of us. Because of odd sitting postures and …


Heel Pain

Many of us suffer from heel pain today. This could be because of straining work conditions or frequent travelling…


Tennis Elbow Pain

Extensive strain on your elbow could lead to a condition called tennis elbow. This is common in athletes and people in the …


Ankle Pain

If you are an athlete of tend to do a lot of walking or running around, there is a good chance that you would suffer from ankle pain…


S I Joint dysfunction

Having S I joint dysfunction could be extremely painful. These cases are extremely delicate and need to be approached with a lot of care…


Shoulder Pain

Having shoulder pain is common for athletes and people with weaker upper bodies. It is a must that this condition is treated at the earliest …

How we serve our clients

Taking care of our body should be the first priority we have in our lives. Unfortunately, this is overtaken by scores of other problems related to work, finance & social commitments. We need to realize that our health should be the most important asset we have. Through the years of damage and work though, you body is going to have severe pain points that might require constant attention. There may be many reasons behind this, but the biggest and most common reason amongst them all would be the lack of exercise and proper rest. This leads to severe complications like neck pain, joint pain and so on. This does take a toll on the body and it is best recommended that you take utmost care of it at the start of the condition. There are many pain treatments that are available today that would not have been existent few years ago. It is a must to understand how these relief therapies could be vital in curing you.

At FCBS, we have a team of trained experts who understand the need of such pain treatment. They have been trained extensively by professionals who suggest the best care for your condition. It takes years of expertise and that is exactly what we deliver. Each specific bodily pain may require a different kind of therapy or action. It is a must that we understand what treatment to follow and the right methods to fix it.

Our center in Dubai has the technology to first understand the specific pain that you are undergoing. Apart from that, we have a team to diagnose the problem and co-relate to its therapy.

Our center in Dubai has the technology to first understand the specific pain that you are undergoing. Apart from that, we have a team to diagnose the problem and co-relate to its therapy. It is a must that you require an expert’s opinion at this step so that you are taken care of perfectly. Each body part has different reactions to treatment, so it is a must to first realize that the care required for each injury and pain is different. Our team of experts at our clinic suggests the different kinds of massages that could give you quick relief from your pain.

It is known around the world that massage is the best way to get instant relief from pain. There are many different kinds of massages based on the kinds of bodily pain. Especially in the case of neck pain and muscle pain, a simple massage would make the pain vanish in a few sittings. This would make regular life a lot more comfortable for you. Though these massage treatments are gradual, they treat you completely and give you relief that cannot be found elsewhere.

Being in the safe hands of an experienced team is priceless. Knowing that you are being taken care of by a team that knows what they are doing would give you the confidence in the world. We urge you to get in touch with us if you are suffering from such body pain. Our team of experts would be more than glad to answer you queries on our treatment techniques. Get in touch with us today for an appointment.