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Pediatric rehabilitation Dubai

Pediatric rehabilitation is considered to be in age group 0 to 14 years. It is about building and improving function and inspiring children to gain skill to reach their goals of functional activities.

Common Conditions and Symptoms

Symptoms like difficulty in maintaining a posture, delayed milestones, difficulty in speech/swallowing disorders

Spina Bifida
Developmental delay
Congenital disorders
Neurological condition

Erbs palsy and brachial plexus injury
Orthopedic condition in kids
Sports injury in kids
Downs syndrome
Autism spectrum disorders

Treatment Plan

Proper position of the child.
Passive movement for hypotonic or hypotonic muscles.
Stretching muscles for their elongation
Use of therapeutic ball bolster for core strengthening
Increasing muscle strength for week muscle with help of weight cuffs.
Use of balance board, trampoline, proper balance of posture or any vestibular problem.
Use of therapeutic clay for development of grip and hold.
Use of walker or any walking aids for development of gait which is assessed with orthosis.
Encouraging family and care giver to reduce social stigma and making the children socially active.

Recovery time

The progress of the patient depends on the severity of the problem. Regular sessions of physiotherapy and good home care regime helps in faster recovery.