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Waxing Services Dubai

Having clear and supple skin has always been every woman’s dream! Don’t we all wish we had hairless skin on the arms, legs and our pubic regions? Well, with the coming of certain waxing methods, it has become extremely easy to take care of such conditions for both men and women. Most of us women wish to have full body waxing which until recently was unheard of. Today, you can get yourself such a wax in absolutely no time.

Brazilian Hair Removal in 20 Min

There are different kinds of waxing that is present today. One of the most popular amongst them is the Brazilian waxing - which clears all hair around the pubic region in roughly 20 minutes. The method is quite pain free is quite popular because of its amazing results. Hair is removed from the front, the back and in between. Typically, a strip is left in front; but most people following Brazilian wax prefer all of it removed.

  • Arm Waxing
  • Legs Waxing

Special Bikini Waxing

A very similar and popular method is bikini hair removal service. In this method, hair around the pubic region that can be seen around the crotch while wearing a bikini is removed. This is done with wax on the sides so as make you comfortable to wear a swimsuit. This kind of waxing as the name suggests is quite popular amongst those that are used to often beach wear.

Our trained experts at FCBS also do full body hair removal in a quick and effective manner. Removing of underarm hair is also a treatment we provide. Underarm hair too is removed using wax to as to remove the growth for longer periods of time. All these procedures are done in the presence of trained experts and professionals to ensure you get the best treatment available. If you are looking for a hair removal treatment, get in touch with us today!

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