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Weight Loss Programs Dubai

What Are The Weight Loss Programs Offered By FCBS Dubai?

It is very important for you to make sure that you maintain your body weight in a perfect way and your BMI is under control to have a healthy life for many years. If your weighing scale is showing a larger figure than what you expected then you need not be worried about it as achieving the ideal body weight is not a tedious thing as FCBS Dubai has made it much simpler for you. We are pioneers in dealing with weight loss programs for women with our centre located in Dubai and we have been dealing with clients of all ages and have helped them live a better life. If you are looking forward to lose weight in a healthy manner then avail our weight loss programs designed by our experts. Read More

What are our weight loss programs?

We at FCBS Dubai offer an array of weight loss programs that are tailor made to suit the requirements of your body as we are well aware that there is no one size fits all solution. Our special clinical methods to lose weight are discussed below.

  1. Body wrap: Through this slimming technique we increase your body’s temperature which would make you sweat profusely while encouraging weight loss. Our spa treatment aims at moistening and exfoliating your skin to help you get better results during this slimming process. We use various substances like clay and mud for body wraps and we will let you stay with the wrap for an hour.
  2. Anti-cellulite treatment: Cellulite can be a bothering issue which can spoil your overall appearance especially if you prefer to wear short dresses. This structural issue that hides under your skin can be unsightly if you lose weight abruptly without proper guidance. Even though you apply moisturizer or body lotion, it will not prevent the skin from being dry in the long term. At FCBS we help you to deal with the cellulite issue with our anti cellulite treatment which is very safe for you. Our professionals offer you the best treatment that consists of anti-cellulite gels plus creams to nourish it and erase the signs of cellulite gently. This is one among our popular weight loss program Dubai as it offers quick results and speedy recovery.
  3. Body shaping treatments: We help you look gorgeous and smart even after delivering your bundle of joy. Even if have become overweight after nursing your baby and have a bulging belly then our post natal abdominal firming and toning treatments would work wonders for your appearance.