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Women Physiotherapy Dubai

Physiotherapist at FCBS women’s health care provider guide you the treatment for Pelvic floor dysfunction and Prenatal and Post natal care.
Prenatally, one in three women experience low back pain during pregnancy, while one in five experience pelvic girdle pain. This is often the result of the hormones relaxin and estrogen relaxing the ligaments which support the pelvis, extra strain on these ligaments can cause pain and movement dysfunction.Postnatally, women’s body undergoes many changes. Childbirth can lead to pelvic floor trauma, perineal tear and nerve injury. After the assessment and examination of the condition, physiotherapist can plan the treatment therefore helping in retraining the muscles and improving the overall quality of life.

Common disorders

Back pain during pregnancy.
Discomfort during sexual intimacy.
Frequent urination or urine incontinence while coughing, laughing, sneezing.
Pelvic organ prolapsed
Chronic constipation
Bowel/bladder dysfunction
Incomplete emptying
Vulvor vestibulitis
Physical therapy exercise enhancing your body’s ability to have a smooth pregnancy and core             strengthening following the delivery.

Interstitial cystitis
Levator ani syndrome
Painful defecation
Rectal pain
SI joint pain
Pubic symphysis
Diastasis rectii

Pre/ Post surgical


Sling procedure
Prolapse repair


Myofascial trigger point release.
Visceral manipulation
Deep tissue massage
Connective tissue manipulation
Biofeed back, TENS, Electrical stimulation(Machines)
Hot and cold therapy
Home exercise helps to reduce excessive lumbar lardotic stress by doing the exercise.

Recovery time

Treatment duration and intensity based on physical therapists first visit findings. Women healths in physical therapy focus the prevention of any bone curvature to maintain the bone alignment properly while during pregnancy and after delivery and also strengthening of core muscles which is getting less strength. After pregnancy by doing preventive health awareness and also appropriate analysis of painful conditions after delivery by the physical therapist examination helps you to get the right treatment.